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Adam Ferrara fans' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Adam Ferrara fans

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2004? 2004?! [21 Apr 2012|06:09pm]

He wasn't even on "Rescue Me" then!!

This is just sad.

He's had two shows and a marriage since then.

Check out his interview on this web show:
♥ Adam Ferrara

[04 Dec 2004|10:19pm]


It's the maintainer, Rissa. I totally forgot about this place when I changed usernames.. sorry. :)

If you guys could help promote, I'd totally give you cookies. ♥
♥ Adam Ferrara

[03 Dec 2004|03:05am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Holy fuck!!!

I had no idea there was a community for THE MAN!

I met Adam at comics come home 7 and I was so excited all I could say was "I too leave water on the bathroom floor!" and smiled and gave me a kiss.

Such a cool guy... and a fucking riot to boot.

2 // ♥ Adam Ferrara

Jan 21 & 22nd [19 Nov 2004|08:50am]

January 21st & 22nd.. Adam will be at Govenors in Levittown Ny.. Anyone gonna go??
2 // ♥ Adam Ferrara

[17 Nov 2004|07:22pm]
Haha mk.. I guess since I'm the maintainer, I'll.. make the first post. XD

I was counting on you guys to make the first post, but.. it made no sense. :3 Truth is, I'm not good at getting communities active. BUT I DOOO have a question..

Why are some people just adding the community to the friends list rather than joining? o_O
4 // ♥ Adam Ferrara

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